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On 19 May 2006, in the presence of His Excellency the British Ambassador to the Netherlands Mr Lyn Parker, the Stichting (Foundation) Cathedral Organ Leiden formally announced the intention that a large English organ will be brought into use in the Hooglandse Kerk, Leiden, in mid-2015. The new organ will be one of the finest English organs in the Netherlands.

Since the official presentation of its plans, the Stichting Cathedral Organ Leiden has been delighted with the increasing number of sponsors and donors for this project, thanks in no small way both to the august body of people that makes up our Recommending Committee and to the impressive series of concerts that have been held featuring top national and international musicians. As a result of the generosity of all our sponsors and donors, the Stichting Cathedral Organ Leiden was able to purchase an existing, unique organ. The organ was built in 1892 by the world-famous organ builder Henry ‘Father’ Willis, and is in almost original condition. 

The organ has been restored and extended in the ‘Father’ Willis style by Heny Willis & Sons Ltd and installed in Leiden in 2015-2017.

The presence of two monumental organs in a this large gothic church, the renowned baroque De Swart / Van Hagerbeer organ (1565/1637/1717) and the new English Romantic organ, results in a fantastic organ podium in Leiden. The city of Leiden can already boast a number of fine historic baroque organs, such as the Van Hagerbeer organ in the Pieterskerk. Through the realization of this English cathedral organ and with Evensongs, concerts and events, together with their collaboration with other concert organizers and the Stichting Orgelstad Leiden, the Stichting Cathedral Organ Leiden will make a substantial contribution to the promotion of Leiden as the ‘city of organs.’

With this website we hope to increase your interest in the project and also hope that you can support us financially!

Egbert Moolenaar
Chairman, Stichting Cathedral Organ Leiden

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